"Obscured Perception"

"The Fruh-Lowe" route in the Gallatin Canyon of Montana was initially established as an aid climb in the 1970's - retro bolted by Alex Lowe in the 1990's and eventually free climbed in 2001 by Adam Fruh. Only a handful of climbers have sent this route which was given a sandbagged rating of 5.13a this route was the test piece for the local climbing. Aaron Thrasher retro bolted an even earlier aid climb next to the Fruh Lowe which was never free climbed. The thought to add a variation to "The Fruh Lowe" - - which is significantly harder - - had alway been an idea for Whit Magro. This spring his dedication to completing this variation paid off as he established this new test piece for the Gallatin Canyon.

A video I was involved with for Patagonia, shooting some of the B-roll that was used to help illustrate the process of building products. The footage I was commissioned to shoot was from expeditions to India and Alaska. 

Sherpas Cinema shot this piece locally here in Hyalite Canyon. I was hired on as still photographer and rigger. Enjoy!

A film by COLAB Creative: I was involved with the creation of this film both behind the camera shooting still and some B-roll as well as in front of the camera. Shot in the Wrangell St Elias - Super special thanks to the Ultima Thule crew.

My photog friend Jay Beyer invited on this trip to film. It was good time in the Tordrillo Range in Alaska. Caroline Giech and Liz Daley were the other two in our team. I had met Liz for the first time earlier in the winter while in Chamonix. So it was fun to reconnect on this trip. Liz passed away the following fall. Her death touched many. Her fire was bright and touched many!

 "Live Like Liz"

Drew Stoecklein, ChuckMumford, Forrest Coots and myself combined our creativity and created this short film about a trip to Southern Chile, near Cerro Castillo.

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