Photo Gallery - Pakistan 2019

Being a photographer to me is a way to expand my mind. To expand my worldview. To be a citizen in the melting pot of humanity. Here are a few of my favorite images from a climbing expedition to the Hispar Glacier in 2019 attempting to climb Pumari Chhish with Chantel Astorga and Anne Gilbert Chase. 

It is because of climbing and skiing that I have had experiences that mold my existence. Being a photographer means that I listen and notice the energies of the universe that nudge me to be curious when no one else does. To be a creative is a way of being. 

This photo gallery is a collection of images from the Hunza valley in Pakistan and the Hispar Glacier and the images I documented along the adventure. The more I travel the more common ground I see between all of us wild humans. Life is beautiful when the spectrum of awareness is open.