Jason Thompson Productions


  1. 2022 Calendars For Sale

    07 Dec 2021
    Images are printed on high-quality 130-gram paper. A 12x18 spiral-bound top folding calendar. Images are selected to show recent commercial and editorial photography work. For every calendar sold $5.00 will be donated to the Montana Mountaineering Association - a local 501(c)3 non-profit that exposes and educates young people to mountaineering…

  2. Lange XT 3 Pro Tour ski boot

    01 Apr 2021
    Intertwining the use of stills and motion to create a short story narrative campaign for Lange and Dynastar skis of the new XT 3 Pro Tour ski boot.

  3. Washington Post Images with Conrad Anker

    23 Mar 2021
    A recent assignment for the Washington Post for an article featuring Conrad Anker. Article link HERE.

  4. Montana Free Press - Feddes Family Meats

    13 Aug 2020
    Montana Free Press recently ran an article by Emily Stifler Wolfe about agriculture and processing issues here in the state of Montana. I shot the images for the article featuring Jake Feddes the new owner of Feddes Family Meats - formerly known as Amsterdam Meats. He and his family very…

  5. Outside Magazine lead image of Vasu Sojitra

    28 Apr 2020
    Limited days of shooting skiing this season as most of my work and personal time was spent more focused on climbing this winter. And my plan was to then focus on ski work this spring but as we all know that didn’t happen… But one of my days shooting this…

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