Story Behind the Image - “Stand Tall”

Twenty-six miles. That is the distance that we walked on our skis on day one. The snow was isothermic, meaning the snow at these lower elevations was above freezing and had lost its cohesiveness and strength. Our feet were soaked by the end of day one. We waded across several rivers, one by accident, and accidentally dropped a ski in the river. Our plan was a little overzealous but what great adventure does not include the unknown? You have to start somewhere, right?


Spending three days and two nights traversing a section of Yellowstone National Park in the winter. This image of “Stand Tall” was taken along this ski traverse. Riding the ridges and the boundary of YNP we began our adventure in the Lamar Valley eventually making it to Sylvan Pass before a severe storm shut us down. Eventually, deciding to bail into the town of Cody, Wyoming. We had planned to continue across what is known as the “Thoroughfare” all the way to Togwotee Pass over 5 days, all on skis, staying on alpine ridges as much as possible. Experiencing YNP and the surrounding forest in winter is surreal. Knowing you are out there deep in the wilderness brings about a certain amount of humbleness. I spotted this old-growth tree along the ridge as we began day three. I thought of how long this tree has stood in time being beaten by the winter winds and scorched by the summer sun. It certainly has stood tall and grown tall and must have seen it all. Oh, the stories it must have to tell.

I felt a connection to this particular tree. I was reminded of Albert Einstein’s quote - “Everything in Life is Vibration.” We are all a part of nature and we live with nature not outside of nature. We vibrate just as nature vibrates. The problem becomes when our vibrations are out of harmony. Stand tall, and vibrate, our connection with nature is the cure for us all.

Fabby fishing his ski out of the river after not throwing it far enough while wading across.

Noah looking at our map and seeing what terrain and adventures lie ahead .

Fabby, Noah, and Tyler all look ahead towards the terrain we get to explore. These trees were in burned during the massive 19989 Yellowstone wildfire.

Riding the ridges of Yellowstone National Park and National Forest Land.

A beautiful winter morning spent traversing a n amazing ridge lines and vast amounts of wilderness  as far as the eye can see.

All in all, we traveled on skis for more than 50 miles during our three days. I carried and shot with a 24-70mm Sony lens on Sony A7R-II.