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  1. Two Attempts Mt Nilkantha Garhwall India

    2017-06-27 18:49:36 UTC

    Words by: Anne Gilbert Chase I recently returned to the U.S. from my first trip to the Indian Himalaya. Jason Thompson and myself received a Mugs Stump Award and a Lyman Spitzer Grant to attempt the unclimbed South Face of Hathi Parbat.  Unfortunately because of its proximity to the China…

  2. Emergence in the Alaska Range

    2016-06-01 17:57:00 UTC

    Words by Katie Bono: Emergence in the Alaska Range In the Alaska Range, climbing to the top of something is only tangentially about skill. Climbing here is an exercise in stoicism, mind-games, strategic use of good luck, and (hopefully) having enough intuition to know just how far these three will…