Working In Extremes and The Tech That Enables It

Public speaking doesn’t come easily to me. I feel much more comfortable behind the lens. Fortunately, Seagate and Lacie invited me to speak at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas as part of their Speaker Series. Many talented creatives presented their knowledge and know-how during the series. In addition, LaCie has created what is known as the COLLECTIVE where you can sign up and enter into a space to learn, from articles to videos put together by myself and other top industry pros.  My talk was titled: Working in extremes and the tech that enables it” - it was really fun to give, although I typically feel more comfortable at 20,000ft climbing, I tried to shake out the nerves! For me, the gear has become lighter, more compact, and faster which has allowed us all to up our game in the field. I mostly spoke about how I back up my content using, at least two, Rugged drives and also the kit that I used climbing in India and why I chose the equipment I did based on compactness and weight.