Video Production Portfolio

Teamwork makes the dream work—examples of motion cinematography video work I have been involved in for outdoor industry brands.

Moonlight Mountain Gear

Patagonia® High Alpine Suit

Collective Carpentry: Deliverables, filming and motion editing.

"Wrangelled" by COLAB Creative: Contracted by production company and Arcteryx for still photography.

"Always Above Us" by Sherpas Cinema. Contracted for photography by production company, and rigging/safety for camera operators.

"AK Girls Way" featuring Caroline Gleich and Liz Daley

Patagonia: Contracted for b-roll motion footage.

Commissioned shoot b-roll footage and still photography assets.

How I clean my Sony camera sensors.

How to Ascend A Fixed Line For Videographers

Petzl: Production, Filming and Editing

"Perspectives" - Commissioned by Dynastar, and Lange Boots.

Passion Project: "The Fruh-Lowe" - Gallatin Canyon Montana.

Passion Project: "Madloba" - Republic of Georgia - this short was never published or licensed for usage by any brand. Just a wild trip with friends!