1. Story Behind the Image - “Chair 48”

    2023-04-03 18:57:01 UTC
    SHOP PRINT The world had stopped. Everything was quiet, no planes in the sky. It was scary and strange. A sense of uncertainty and not knowing what was to come hung above us. COVID-19 had caused the world to be out of alignment. In the state of Montana, the value…

  2. Story Behind the Image - “Stand Tall”

    2023-03-29 23:36:00 UTC
    Twenty-six miles. That is the distance that we walked on our skis on day one. The snow was isothermic, meaning the snow at these lower elevations was above freezing and had lost its cohesiveness and strength. Our feet were soaked by the end of day one. We waded across several…

  3. Free Print Friday Giveaway - Twin Falls Left

    2023-03-06 20:01:15 UTC
    ENTER HERE Thanks for being here! Enter to win a signed 12” x 8” (with 1” white border) print of - “Twin Falls Left” (skier: Mike Gardner) - Printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper that is sure to impress! (A retail value of $69.95) To enter follow the link above.…

  4. Always Trying to Find New Angles

    2023-03-03 21:47:00 UTC
    Sharing a few thoughts on how to capture unique ski photography images. This is not a complete guide by any means. Having your camera super accessible is crucial. Understanding how your skiing/partner/subject will lay their strokes on the snow’s canvas will help you anticipate where the action will climax. And…

  5. Free Print Friday Giveaway - Chomolungma, Nepal

    2023-03-01 16:56:50 UTC
    Help celebrate winter! Enter to win a signed 12” x 8” (with 1” white border) print of - “Chomolungma” Nepal - Printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper that is sure to impress! (A retail value of $69.95) To enter, follow the link HERE. Must enter by Friday, March 3rd,…

  6. Best in the West - Hyalite Canyon, Montana

    2023-02-23 22:09:49 UTC
    Hyalite Canyon at sunset Longtime Petzl athlete Anne Gilbert Chase shares her thoughts on climbing in Hyalite Canyon. Hyalite Canyon is a stunning 34,000-acre recreation area that sits 20 minutes south of Bozeman, Montana. It is part of the Gallatin National Forest and is home to more than 300 ice…

  7. Free Print Friday Giveaway - Cerro Torre

    2023-02-16 20:19:00 UTC
    Happy to be giving away this 12 x 8 print of “Cerro Torre” Patagonia (retail value of $45.95). Printed on Watercolor Fine Art Paper that is sure to impress. Sign up here by Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

  8. The Lure of the Unclimbed first published in Patagonia’s 2021 Spring Journal is now available on Azylo

    2022-09-15 16:23:45 UTC
    Azylo, is hosting a piece that was first published by Patagonia Journal titled “The Lure of the Unclimbed” Check it out here. Azylo is a new platform that allows creatives to license stories that matter from around the globe that relate to adventure and climate.

  9. Montana Free Press - Common Ground Part 3

    2022-04-24 00:11:00 UTC
    READ: Common Ground Part 3 here Publication: Montana Free Press By Emily Stifler Wolfe Wind and water have eroded Montana soils since the first plow turned earth on the Northern Plains more than 150 years ago, taking with them one of the state’s most important resources. Since then, tillage, plus…

  10. Montana Free Press - Common Ground Part 2

    2022-02-14 16:15:00 UTC
    READ: Common Ground Part 2 here Publication: Montana Free Press By Emily Stifler Wolfe Photos by: Jason Thompson

  11. Montana Free Press - Common Ground Part 1

    2021-12-14 14:37:00 UTC
    READ: Common Ground Part 1 here Publication: Montana Free Press COMMON GROUND, PART 1: ‘The writing is on the wall’ How organic and regenerative agriculture are revitalizing rural Montana economies By Emily Stifler Wolfe Wind and water have eroded Montana soils since the first plow turned earth on the Northern

  12. 2022 Calendars For Sale

    2021-12-07 01:44:12 UTC
    Images are printed on high-quality 130-gram paper. A 12x18 spiral-bound top folding calendar. Images are selected to show recent commercial and editorial photography work. For every calendar sold $5.00 will be donated to the Montana Mountaineering Association - a local 501(c)3 non-profit that exposes and educates young people to mountaineering…

  13. “Perspectives” video - Commissioned by Dynastar, Look and Lange

    2021-09-02 00:37:00 UTC
    “Perspectives” - Commissioned by Dynastar, Lange, and Look. A retrospective journey from Dick Dorworth’s 1975 journal entry during his ski traverse of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Dorworth’s words still carry weight 40 years later. Skier: Forrest Coots

  14. Behind the scenes of the Lange XT 3 Pro tour ski boot

    2021-04-01 19:18:00 UTC
    Intertwining the use of stills and motion to create a short story narrative campaign for Lange and Dynastar skis of the new XT 3 Pro Tour ski boot.

  15. Washington Post Images with Conrad Anker

    2021-03-23 20:26:00 UTC
    A recent assignment for the Washington Post for an article featuring Conrad Anker. Article link HERE.

  16. Montana Free Press - Feddes Family Meats

    2020-08-13 16:27:43 UTC
    Montana Free Press recently ran an article by Emily Stifler Wolfe about agriculture and processing issues here in the state of Montana. I shot the images for the article featuring Jake Feddes the new owner of Feddes Family Meats - formerly known as Amsterdam Meats. He and his family very…

  17. Outside Magazine lead image of Vasu Sojitra

    2020-04-28 16:25:29 UTC
    Limited days of shooting skiing this season as most of my work and personal time was spent more focused on climbing this winter. And my plan was to then focus on ski work this spring but as we all know that didn’t happen… But one of my days shooting this…

  18. Wild Crumb + Conservation Grains

    2020-03-01 22:55:00 UTC
    Conservation Grains believes in regenerative agriculture - Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. Regenerative Agriculture aims to capture carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation.   The freshly milled Flowers…

  19. Going with the flow in France

    2019-05-22 20:14:52 UTC
    Last spring was the first time in 15 season’s I hadn’t been up to Alaska for some form of work, guiding or assignments. Turned out spring is really neat too. So I skipped AK again this season. And planned a trip to Europe with my wife. Our drive for the…

  20. Skiing California’s high peaks of the Eastern Sierra with Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots

    2019-04-01 21:37:00 UTC
    Road tripping down the backbone of California for a week of climbing and skiing in the Range of Light, the High Sierra. A place where the Sagebrush gives way to the 14,000ft Sierra Crest.  The open road, Highway 395 rolling south Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots where the high desert…

  21. Pomme D’Or and Quebec Ice Climbing

    2019-03-10 20:25:00 UTC
    Anne Gilbert Chase and Majka Burhardt descending Pomme D’Or in windy and white out conditions. The previous day we had climbed up La Voutre and familiarized ourselves with the descent knowing it could be a classic NE storm. From the top of Pomme D’Or we could hear the wind like…

  22. How-to video ascending a fixed line for videographers or photographers

    2018-05-30 20:10:00 UTC

  23. Sony Camera Sensor Cleaning

    2018-05-16 20:02:00 UTC

  24. Why knowing your CODB helps you figure out how much to charge.

    2018-05-11 18:58:08 UTC
    I remember securing what I would call my first “real” gig as a photographer almost 15 years ago. It was an assignment with a major brand in the outdoor industry. I was really excited. As the negotiations proceeded and we worked to figure out the deliverables that were expected and…

  25. Working In Extremes and The Tech That Enables It

    2018-04-20 18:32:49 UTC
    Public speaking doesn’t come easily to me. I feel much more comfortable behind the lens. Fortunately, Seagate and Lacie invited me to speak at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas as part of their Speaker Series. Many talented creatives presented their knowledge and know-how during the series. In addition…